Copy writing and Design

Creating a winning sales message

Here at The Leaflet Delivery Company we encourage our clients to get real about the value of well written copy and the selling power of great design. Profitable leaflet campaigns start with good copy and a clear and effective sales message.

Producing a well written and well designed leaflet is a sure way to maximise the return you get on investing in door drop marketing.

What does it take to cook up a leaflet that wins new business?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a magician. With the recipe we’ve created below, you just need to be a good cook. Here’s how the process works:

Recipe for a great leaflet campaign


  • Good sales copy (look for the really high quality kind, the stuff with a powerful, targeted sales message)
  • Imagery and design (avoid the hum drum ideas and pictures that everyone’s seen before and head for the ones that catch and then hold your eye)


For a successful leaflet campaign first take a large-sized jar. Sprinkle several large spoons of good copy into the bottom of the jar, and then stir in a good few pints of design. Blend the mixture thoroughly until it is has peaks and is pleasingly frothy.

Next find a great value printing press. Pour the mixture into the press, tweak a few dials, then watch as the perfect pages spill out.

More tips on copy and design

Need some more tips for a corking good copy and great design? How about these?

The truth behind all of this is incredibly simple. You need to tell people about your product in a way that:

  • captures their attention
  • explains what you’re selling clearly and quickly
  • makes the benefits of buying your products or services 100% unmissable

How do I do all that then?

That’s a good question. We’ll help you answer it and come up with your winning sales message.

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