Shareplan or Solus?

13th November, 2015

Is going for a Solus ( only one leaflet at one time) really the best way to go? Or will a Share plan round (upto 4 non competing leaflets at the same time) have the same impact and cost you much less?

When you decide to commence your leaflet delivery campaign, one of the decisions you need to make is whether to have your leaflet distributed on its own (Solus) or whether to have your marketing material delivered alongside other items (a Share plan round). Most companies initially think that Solus is the best option. The usual assumption behind this is that a Solus round will create a bigger impact. Here at The Leaflet Delivery Company, when doing leaflet distribution in Coventry and Rugby, we question whether or not this is the case.

Here are some of the factors to consider:

The cost of delivering your leaflet or item Solus is 2-3 times more expensive than delivering it as part of a share plan round.

In Coventry and Rugby, there are 6-10 other local leaflet delivery companies operating. There are also a number of national companies that will deliver to the area. Quite often our delivery people will see other leaflet distribution company’s delivery staff delivering to the same area.

Add to this the deliveries from Royal Mail – who also appear to be delivering more unaddressed mail alongside the daily post. On top of this there are 3 or 4 free newspapers being delivered.

The majority (probably more than 60%) of the properties that we deliver to are unoccupied during the day. Therefore when the homeowner arrives home from work, they will pick up all the items at once – they will probably neither know nor care whether or not the item was delivered on its own.

Which all leads us to suggest that if you want the best value for money for your leaflet delivery campaign, Share plan is the best way to go. Unless your offer is very important and time sensitive and you do not want the message to be diluted with chance of delivering with other leaflets then Solus will do work for you.

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